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Introduction Friends - the author is a student of the Yugas. Any profits from the various Dwapara Yuga books, media and sites (dwaparayuga.com and facebook.com/dwaparayuga) are donated to the One Laptop per Child Organization (OLPC) for the benefit of children in the developing world. Poor Richard is a pen name in homage to Ben Franklin, America's founding father, who used the same literary device. My spiritual name is Gyanananda - bliss thru divine wisdom. If you have a feedback, a suggestion, or just an opinion, please feel free to reach out. The views expressed are the *personal* views of the author and are not intended to reflect the views of any other individual(s) or organization(s). I am a firm believer in a "marketplace of ideas", recognizing the value of opinions from all perspectives, so avoid the kinds of Kali Yuga inspired "hate speech" that can be characterized as "organization or individual A is entirely evil and my preferred organization or individual B is entirely good".