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Introduction My name is Nona. I’m Finnish, grew up in a bilingual Finnish-Swedish speaking home. I love Finland, and especially so the nature and the spaciousness, but always knew I'd be moving abroad. So, now 10 or so years ago I packed my bags and moved to the Netherlands and kind of got 'stuck' here :). I’m a continuous DREAMER, a very hope’ful’ ROMANTIC, a true OPTIMIST, a MANIFESTOR in practice, a devoted MOTHER, shining my LIGHT to the best of my ability. One of my relaxation points and sources of inspiration is when I get to leap into the world and beauty of interior decoration and creativity related to that. I love photography as well as all kinds of handy-crafts, am nuts about WHITE, have a “thing” for STARS and HEARTS and would describe my interior taste as a mishmash of SCANDINAVIAN COUNTRY, NEW ENGLAND, SHABBY CHIC and FRENCH PROVENCE. Lately I find myself leaning more and more towards a fresh SEASIDE look, i.e. a combination of light SCANDINAVIAN COUNTRY and the fresh NEW ENGLAND style. I hope that my blog will positively inspire anyone and everyone who 'lands' here :).