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Introduction Eva Tang, born in Singapore, has a late start in her film career. She saw her first art house film at the age of 20 when she studied at the University of Hong Kong. Half a decade later, she left her journalist career at Singapore's premier Chinese Daily Lianhe Zaobao to study filmmaking in the UK. A M.A. graduate of the prestigious National Film & Television School that accepts 6 students a year specializing in fiction direction, Eva's student shorts are in the official selection of major film festivals such as Venice, Rotterdam, Hawaii, National Gallery of Art (USA). Her student film "While You Sleep" was the first short film from a Singapore filmmaker selected by Venice Film Festival. Her graduation short "Londres - London" won the Akira Kurosawa Memorial Short Film Competition Saga Prefecture Governor Award & Shanghai Mecooon Film Festival Best Artistic Film. *** 邓宝翠,新加坡出生,在香港大学求学时荣获最高荣誉的香港中文文学奖散文冠军和青年文学奖散文亚军。她在香港时,20岁的时候看了她人生的第一部艺术电影,从此与电影结下相逢恨晚的缘分。后来她辞去新加坡《联合早报》高级记者的工作,到英国学习电影。她的伦敦艺术大学毕业短片《当你沉睡时》是第一部入选威尼斯电影节的新加坡短片。后来她考进每年只录取6名学生的英国国立电影电视学院硕士导演系,毕业短片《伦敦•伦敦》荣获黑泽明纪念短片比赛日本佐贺县总督奖和上海迷仓电影节最佳艺术电影奖。