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Occupation ? I make yarn. I make art. I am a shepherd to 3 amazing Cormo sheep. I have a job with my family business. Oh, and I write a blog and hopefully a book one day...
Location Dallas , TX, United States
Introduction I love to laugh... Ha ha ha ha. Loud and long and clear! I love to laugh... Ha ha ha ha. So everybody can hear! And... I make myself laugh more than I make other people laugh. But, I'm alright with that. :-P
Interests Whatever IT is at the time you can bet I am VERY interested! currently??? I love my sheep and am fascinated by their individual personalities as well as their unique and incredible wool! I am a few months in to arting, as I like to call it. I love charcoal pencils and oil or soft pastels (would love some wax pastels but are crazy expensive!), I paint with acrylic and watercolor and love to experiment with any medium! I also am fanatical about using wool in unconventional ways. I love to read but have been listening to most of my books lately. I LOVE or am at least intrigued by just about everything in the animal Kingdom... and the other kingdoms too! I take pictures of most everything I see. Some to remember or use the picture to create something else. Some to just prove what I talk about isn't just in my imagination! Some to find out what the heck it is I am looking at! Hahaha! I have an amazing family who supports me through unbelievable circumstances. I have two absolutely perfect perfect nieces. I love my old fart dog, Willie. Although my parents have taken him on because he isn't a fan of bugs and he has his best friend, Emmie Lou with him. I LOVE music! Almost every kind. I do go through phases where I will get stuck on a song or a style but seriously love almost everything. I am a cloud watcher/picture taker. They blow my mind... as does the Rainbow. And, the rainbow has so many other important lessons or things to learn from it.