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I like to cook; but just like many others, my life is busy and I don’t always have the time to cook the way I would like to. Consequently I often fall into a rut and make the same old things.

To get out of the rut I sometimes give myself a challenge--such as trying at least one new recipe a week, or trying at least 5 new recipes from a particular cookbook.

A few weeks ago while looking at some of my cookbooks I decided to challenge myself by committing to making a new soup recipe each week. I like soup, but canned soups always have an artificial taste. Homemade soups can be made quickly or can be slow cooked. They can be hot or cold. They can be vegetable or meat based and can contain a wide variety of ingredients. And they make great left overs!

I decided that I’d like to share the results—hopefully that will help me stick to my challenge!

I’ll be posting the recipes, their source, and the results. Please feel free to send me your comments and suggestions! Email me at