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Introduction When in a serious relationship and in love with someone, if the relationship falters and you are not receiving the love that you deserve, you will most probably reach a point of wanting to end the relationship. There are two ways of saying goodbye, a real one and a false one.
Interests Many relationships start out passionate and for various reasons just seem to fizzle out. The romance is gone and couples drift apart. There are usually warning signs that precede relationship problems and can be dealt with before it is to late. Some of these warning signs are spending more and more time apart. Arguing over trivial things more and more. A decrease in intimacy usually follows and the troubled relationship will eventually end. Other emotions like jealousy, anxiety, and anger can contribute to a breakup if the issues between the couple are not dealt with. If constant arguing has replaced everyday conversation that is a warning sign that the relationship is having problems. If the issues are being avoided by not discussing them they won't get any better. If jealousy is coming between a relationship this is a common reason for breakups. When you can't trust your partner it will lead to bitterness and suspicion. There are sites on the internet that offer free relationship advice for women. If one of the two people can see the problems in the relationship and begin to work on repairing the damage before it is too late. Many times it is just a lack of simple communication that can be overcome to heal the relationship problems. Free relationship advice is just a few mouse clicks away. If a couple waits too long to get advice on their troubled relationship often times it is too late to repair. The passion that was there has been replaced by resentment and anger. Many times the relationship is a power struggle and each side side is trying to control the other and both end up losing out. Besides free relationship advice online, there are other ways to get help for a troubled relationship. Counseling is available for couples that are not ready to give up on each other. Finding the causes of the problems in a troubled relationship and dealing with them together can save lots of heartache down the road.