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Occupation Arts and Farces
Location The Glorious Thames Valley, United Kingdom
Interests Driving slowly and carefully, observing the rule of the road. Burning rubbish.
Favorite Movies Plucky Pam (directed by Brass Williams, wigs by Pomona Knott) Anything by Achternbusch, Buttgereit, Emmerich, Fassbinder, Geissendorfer, Kautner, Lubitsch, Kimmich, Praunheim, Schlondorff, Toebben, Vilsmaier, Wortmann von Zahn, and especially Fassbinder, Herzog and Riefenstahl. And anything featuring Klaus Kinski, yeah even little cameo roles, or walk ons.
Favorite Music The theme from the Towering Inferno.
Favorite Books Butler's Lives of the Saints, How You Get Your Electric Light (B.Nigler), The Unspeakable Skipton, Istorie della Citta di Firenze (Nardi), Geschichte (Stinkl).