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Introduction I was raised Baptist but in my highschool to early college years became heavily influenced by the Pentecostal and Charismatic movements. Around my sophomore year in college was when I started getting into alot of arguments with my friends on such issues as the sabbath, the Trinity, Baptism, once saved always saved....etc. These talks eventually led me to the Early Church Fathers for some of my friends who were Seventhday Adventists and Oneness Pentecostals would bring up church history when our talks over scripture didn't go anywhere. And I've been reading them ever since. I tried to become Orthodox back when I first started reading the fathers in 1997/1998, but the church I called in the phone book never returned my phone call. It was hard to remain Protestant when I embraced a high view of the Mysteries. I tried the Episcopal church for awhile, but left after my Episcopal influences started to crumble. It was extremely difficult to partake of communion in other protestant churches. MY conscience wouldn't allow it. So I went East. I finally became Orthodox the day before Pascha of 2007. This time around I found a priest online who guided me on what to do and who to contact.
Interests Math, christian music such as hiphop, southern gospel, rock, hyms, chants....ect. Beats, , church history, history, and theology
Favorite Books History and Theology books