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Occupation Aromatherapy, Freelance Writer, Telcom Auditing, Yellowstar Essentials owner, Waitress :)
Location West Coast, Florida, United States
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Introduction I'm a freelance writer, the owner of a small custom aromatherapy business; Yellowstar Essentials, Telecom Services company auditor, a full-time life researcher, and an amateur photographer, a lover of music, angels, essential oils and too many more things to list! basically a Jane of many trades, always a busy girl, and love it!
Interests light & love, Angels, Essential Oils, Healing energy, Reading, Writing, Music, dancing, singing, walking, hiking, plants, herbs, Food & Cooking, Alternative Healing Arts, Light Therapy, energy work, light workers, artists, writers, Researching, NIA, Dancing, we are given by God the will to choose, is fascinating!
Favorite Movies waaaaaaaay to many to list.......anything with; Johnny Depp, or angels. Powder, Pay it Forward, City of Angels, What Dreams May Come, Lord of the Rings, Boondock Saints, The Abyss, Contact, Don Juan DeMarco, Chocolat, I have so many favorites I just couldn't list them all....
Favorite Music um, yeah, music is a transporter, like a connection to the spirit, so depending on my mood I love everything from classical, alt-rock, new age, folk, hard rock, blues, indy, pop, name it. I love music!!!, youtube playlist: my spotify profile-,, <embed src="" FlashVars="p=KmF8MzIwOTUxNA--&ms=1" width=500 height=340 quality="best" scale="noborder" pluginspage="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" allowFullScreen="true"></embed>
Favorite Books right, favorite books? that's like trying to choose between your children...ha! I love so many wonderful authors that it would hardly be fair to even try to attempt to list them all, there are far too many to make any semblance of a list, but most certainly anything by Barbara Brennen, Doreen Virtue, Kurt Schnaubelt, Clive Barker-- especially "Imajica" and "The Books of the ART". Also, Hugh Howey, (esp. Sand), and Cassandra Clares' -The Mortal Instruments series, "The Red Tent", "1Q84", anything by Neil Gaiman, anything about happiness, health, cooking, gardening, nature, travel, history and biographies, ...just too many favorites...... :)

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