Matt (No Meat Athlete)

About me

Gender MALE
Industry Student
Occupation Applied Math Ph.D. Student
Location Maryland, United States
Introduction Welcome to, where I'm fueling my Boston Marathon mission with food so fine, you won't miss the meat! When I ran my first marathon back in college, I made it my goal to qualify for the Boston Marathon, with a time of three hours, 10 minutes. Well, I missed it…by a "mere" one hour and 43 minutes. Sure, the goal was crazy, but that's what made me want to go get it! Seven years and five marathons later, I haven't given up. Now, I know what you're thinking— Vegetarian marathoner? This guy must eat a pile of oats and veggies every night and call it dinner. Well, think again. Sure, I eat healthily, but on a trip to Italy a few years back, I truly fell in love with food and taught myself to cook when I got home. Since then, I've discovered immeasurable joy in making real, simple food and in never shying away from a new challenge in the kitchen. And in March of this year, I took on my biggest culinary challenge yet: I ditched the meat, and my blog ( was born.
Interests Running, cooking, gambling, math, economics, consciousness and artificial intelligence, brewing beer, reading, blogging.
Favorite Movies Office Space, anything in the National Lampoon's Vacation series
Favorite Music The Police, Weezer, Bright Eyes, Rilo Kiley, J.S. Bach
Favorite Books Godel Escher Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid, Fooled by Randomness