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Gender Male
Industry Arts
Occupation Freelance Concept Artist & Illustrator
Location Colonia, NJ, United States
Introduction Freelance Concept artist and Illustrator for the Videogame and Film Industries. (Clients) Hasbro Inc., Paizo Publishing, Radical Entertainment/Vivendi Universal Games, Liquid Development ,Challenge Games, Kingsisle Entertainment, Allied Studios, Breakaway Games, Fantasy Flight Games, Biodelic Games, Congruent Z Productions, Aetolia client graphics, Allegiance Films, Tactics Arena Online, Jonathan Blow...
Interests Creatures, Digital Art, The art of Film books, freelancing, Film, Games, Books, Drawing, Artist, Cultures, Architecture, Animals, Sleeping Late, Keeping Fit, Art Magazines, Publishing Companies, Coffee..
Favorite Movies King Kong, Batman Begins, Crash, American History X, Cadence, Donnie Darko, Ginger Snaps, Swingers, Training Day, Pirates of the Carribean, Dutch, Wedding Crashers, Finding Nemo, Tombstone, Ferris Buelers day off, Monsters inc., Lotr trilogy, Indiana Jones, Tarantino Films, Rudy, White Water Summer, Goonies, Big Trouble in little china, A Bronx Tale, My Cousin Vinny, Goodfellas, Meet the Parents, Princess Bride, With Honors, Tremors, Jurassic Park, O Brother Where Art Thou', Mall Rats, Legend, Willow, Requiem for a Dream, Seven