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Introduction Point of View: Plains Series 2013 The semi arid plains of eastern Colorado are exceptional places. There is a near mystical atmosphere of air,light, wind and space. The ratio of sky to land is one of the purest expressions of the Pythagorean ideal of the fundamental order of the universe through geometry. As an artist who is attracted to the abstract i have painted the stripped down plains, what I see and feel as the essential experience that draws me back to the plains time and again. It is the harmony of color and light, the power of the sun, the ever changing clouds all set against a subtle landscape that dwarfs human endeavor. Each painting is about a place that become imprinted in my mind.Sometimes it is just about light and color, the way shadows play on a building at a particular moment. I suppose the image becomes a muse for me. I achieve ownership and acknowledge that the place is now mine for a moment, if only transformed in my painting.