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Introduction I struggled with the decision to blog. But honestly, an avenue like this, is an irresistible temptation to a would be writer. Eventually they will cave. With the decision to blog came the question, "what do I write about?" I'm not a "know it all." It came to me, that there are only two things I know well. I know love. I know truth. I've experienced both on the most powerful, and trivial of levels. No matter the message,rant, rave or review, it will be the truth, motivated by love. I hope that hearing it in my voice, adds something new to the conversation. That said, this is a great way to journal my life. I stink at keeping a journal of the book variety. Yes, I love to write, but it's different somehow. I share life with a no adjective to describe that level of amazing, sort of man. I get to call him husband. We have two lovely daughters. The girls are eleven, and (gasp) 15 months old. I'll have a lot to say here. I'll try not to write anything I don't want my girls to read. I want to truly reflect my God. He is the source of everything good in me. He's the ultimate example of, and has taught me all I know, about love, and truth. Thanks for stopping by. Hang out a while.
Interests Faith, family, friends, food fitness, fun, and a little fashion. Too bad music, gardening, and travel, don't begin with F, but I love em all.
Favorite Movies The Godfather, Rocky, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Princess Bride, Ever After, Kung Fu Panda, Incredibles, In the Heat of the Night, and a host more. Let's just say that I like most things Sidney Poitier, and Clint Eastwood. I've come to love kids movies too! I had no choice.
Favorite Music Let's not even go there! It's easier to say that I like a little bit of EVERYTHING!
Favorite Books Busted! I don't get to read much these days. The Bible. I like what I've read by C.S.Lewis, and Francis Chan. What my kids are reading is what I end up reading, Mother Goose, Dr Suess, Little Golden Books, Wimpy Kid series etc.

I've got two: If you had to make a life decision all over again, which one would you NOT change? Favorite line from a movie?