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Industry Student
Occupation Gap Year Studying & researching, writing
Location La Sforzesca, Lombardia, Italy
Introduction As a BA Humanities student, I enjoyed weaving through literature, art, history, archaeology, cinema, sociology, ideology & languages. I’m still the same passionate advocate for animal rights and in love with nature; these ‘callings’ pushed me in 2007 to take the journalism MA , hoping to find a key to channel my ideals into live words. Thanks to the help of conversations with people with specific knowledge I have become more stubborn pushing myself still to learn and understand the basics of the mechanics behind the major players leading the global scene, -from the most remote farmer in Afghanistan, to the fishermen and to the executives and CEOs. For the past year I have had to ‘change plans’, as I’m dealing with therapy for Hep C. Aalthough I wasn’t able to pursue a fulltime job immediately after Uni as I planned, I found a space of time, in which I realised I can indulge in learning and catching up with all those more technical and factual aspects I never really got to dig freely in before. Whilst working part-time I have set my self a few goals by the time I finish therapy next year: learning & improving more languages, researching and writing.
Interests Following international affairs; speaking, listening to and observing people; reading fiction and non-fiction novels; writing my thoughts and stories; spending time in nature; playing piano & listening to all music; drifting through art & design exhibitions and trying to understand what makes people ‘click’.
Favorite Movies Pride and Prejudice, Roman Holidays, Edward Scissorhands (1990), The Yearling (1946), The Empire of Sun, Leon, Ladri di Biciclette, I Bambini ci Guardano, Gone With The Wind, Stromboli, Romeo and Juliette, Braveheart (1995), The Legend o the Pianist on the Ocean, Natural Born Killers, Fantasia (Disney 1940)
Favorite Music C. Debussy, F. Chopin, A. Vivaldi, Pavarotti, Prokofiev, The Cranberries, Radiohead, Muse, Smashing Pumpkins, Aerosmith, Guns n Roses, Baggio Antonacci, Gianna Nannini, Billy Holiday, The Gypsy Kings, The Doors, Nina Simone, Oasis, Fugees, Sade, Roxette, ( …)
Favorite Books Doctor Zhivago- Boris Pasternak, L'Isola di Arturo-Elsa Morante, La Storia-Elsa Morante, A Room with a View-E.M. Foster, A Room of One’s Own-Viginia Woolf, The Lord of the Rings –JRR Tolkien, Jack frusciante e Uscito Dal Gruppo, (…)

What is the point of living, for you?