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Introduction Hi, my name is Kayla, and I'm a 24-year old gal with a huge passion for outdoor sports, fitness, and nutrition. I love traveling, and am currently taking a gap year in Australia (mostly Melbourne because my partner's here:)) . Though I may be on a gap year, I believe that one can still stay fit and healthy even whilst traveling. A few years back, I had a really severe case of Eczema outbreak, and was diagnosed with multiple food intolerance. As such, I had to cut back on dairy, eggs, yeast and gluten.It became a pain to dine out, and I could no longer have all the sweet delights in restaurants and cafes. I refused to resign to such a fate, and started cooking for myself. Through this experience, I have come to realize how much I enjoy cooking, and making recipes healthier and allergy-free, without compromising on its taste! While I try to live a healthy life, and have my multiple food intolerance, I still do indulge in my favorite dark chocolate a few times a week:) Do feel free to contact me at fitter.than.choc@gmail.com! I'd certainly love to hear from you!