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Gender Male
Location Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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Interests Wobbly Rapidly Ageing 1980s New Romantic Man, Vicks Sinex, Ride-on-lawnmowers, Hi-viz-vests, Extensions Weaves & Wigs, The Power of Song, Smoking in the shower, Liaising with Margaret, Dieting Questions, Magnificent leopards, Vertical Tanning, Litre bottles of whisky, Flapjack, The manifestation of Christ in a knot in a wooden door, Night-shifts, Big Money Give Aways, Making your own Paneer, Rabbit stew, Compensation, The Congo, Letters to God, Special Introductory Prices, Chips and Curry Sauce, Sarah Lancashire's life away from the screen, No More Nails, Bloody Hell Fire, Moles, Radio-controlled golf bags, Bird muck, Jonathan from Esprit People, Normal folk, Worktime Learning...
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