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Gender Female
Industry Religion
Occupation I've had training (!) in the ministry of kindness through various national programs offered through my church.
Location Carlsbad, CA, United States
Introduction Bereaved of my beloved husband of ten years, Tim, my 2 and a half year old son Michael and my 9 month old daughter Lisa. The two vehicle accident occurred just before Christmas, 1984 and took their lives instantly. I was the only survivor. Tim was driving and the children were in car seats (I'm surprisingly often asked that!). The other driver failed to stop at a highway intersection during the split second our vehicles were aligned together. The roof of our vehicle was demolished everywhere except where I was sitting. I had a near death experience (NDE) where I was told I would remarry and have a son...and his name would be "Kevin." I remarried after the accident and and have a son... named Kevin. My new husband named him! Only later would I recall the NDE.
Interests I love having a "ministry of kindness", cats (I have two rescues) and dogs, quilting, reading, B&W movies, vintage books and magazines and old advertisements, Victorian houses. Also enjoy Royal Winton Chintz, play the piano and guitar...among other various and sundry interests!
Favorite Movies It's a Wonderful LIfe, Wizard of Oz, Silent Movies, Anything with Joan Crawford!
Favorite Music James Taylor, Enya, relaxing music, various Christian artists, some pop music
Favorite Books The Bible! "The Imitation of Christ" by Thomas A' Kempis and the modern adaptation of that book "Bringing the Imitation of Christ into the 21st Century" by William A. Meninger

WHAT HAS INSPIRED YOU THE MOST ALONG YOUR GRIEF JOURNEY? My 2 and a half year old son Michael suddenly and repeatedly telling me "Going HOME to be with Jesus!" starting 2 weeks before he was killed in the wreck that also claimed the lives of my daughter Lisa and husband Tim. He told me where they "went"...ahead of time.