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Gender Female
Location Hillsborough, North Carolina, United States
Introduction Email associatedpoetry@gmail.com / Emily Cooper is a 32-year-old Creative Writing major (Randolph-Macon Woman's College, 2010). She is an introvert who has always written poetry, but now aspires to look outwards -- but more importantly, inject modern reality with her own brand of Jon Stewart-style observational humor. The end result is truly "free" verse. The idea for "Associated Poetry" began January 21, 2013. After seeing Richard Blanco read at Obama's inauguration for his second term, Emily felt compelled to start a blog to document the zeitgeist of our country’s politics, down to a particular week or day. She wanted a name that would be taken seriously by the public at large and any potential syndicators, but would also leave her the freedom to write as she wished -- not wanting to be confined to a particular cause or issue, but rather, poetry “associated” with the times in general. Associated Press -- a newswire that makes people think of unbiased, serious reporting -- contributed the "associated" "newsy-ness". Her poems have a bias – generally quite left of center – but with a humorous bent that will, ideally, appeal to people at many points in the spectrum.

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