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Gender Male
Industry Education
Location Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
Interests rock 'n' roll, films, cycling, walking, reading, music history, Scottish politics, Queen's Park Football Club, the crummier parts of Glasgow, beer, Edinburgh, my steam-driven PC, more beer, Scottish history, history in general, red wine, whatever I like at the time, pubs, John Atkinson Grimshaw
Favorite Movies Goodfellas, 24 Hour Party People, Pitch Black, Casablanca, A Night To Remember, White Heat, The Night Of The Hunter, Theatre Of Blood, Master And Commander, Treasure Of The Sierra Madre, The 13th Warrior, The Innocents, The Third Man, Downfall, Kind Hearts And Coronets, Bad Santa, The Wild Geese, Zulu, Zulu Dawn, Apocalypto, Young Adam, The Man Who Would Be King, Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell, Withnail And I, Pulp Fiction, Predator, Guest House Paradiso, Inglourious Basterds, Desperate Man Blues
Favorite Music rock'n'roll, rhythm and blues, blues, rockabilly, hillbilly, swing, bebop, hard bop, psych, 60s garage, early Stones, Pretty Things, 80s psych revival, paisley underground, anything with guts, anything I think is cool
Favorite Books Ginger Geezer, anything written by Jeffrey Bernard, Candide, Flashman In The Great Game, Last Train To Memphis, Before I Die, Honkers And Shouters, Kicks, Blues & Rhythm, Private Eye, Viz, In The Heart Of The Sea, Quartered Safe Out Here, Peter Cook: A Biography, Those Tourists Are Money: A Rock'N'Roll Guide To Camden, The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists, Where Dead Voices Gather, The Secret Of The Unicorn