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Occupation Domestic Engineer
Location Northern, California, United States
Introduction I'm easy going kind of person, caring, sincere, and cheerful to those people who are love to smile. I am deep and passionate about life and everything in it. I don’t like a person who’s always boasting of what they have or forget where they came from. I believe that any dream is possible and if you can dream it you can manifest it into life. I love immersing myself in other cultures. I believe in KARMA, meditation and doing well in this world and not taking anything for granted... I'm a nice person but don't abuse my kindness because I’m going to be your worst enemy! I don't like people who have big mouths. I can easily make friends because I’m not the type of person who chooses friends by their outer shell, race and beliefs in life. I respect their own judgment in life and I admire those people who can speak profusely for themselves... God showered me with so many blessings already, not with material or fancy things, but with loving husband, family, and a cutie pie little boy.