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Gender MALE
Location Raleigh, NC, United States
Introduction My name is Brian Owen and I paint the desert landscape. The first time I saw this landscape was on a moonless night in Southern Utah as I drove into Arches National Park. The black forms of the stone monoliths leaning over me were only visible as dark pits in the field of stars. As the horizon began to glow, colors began to emerge. Finally the sun came over the horizon and the stark shadows that only appear in the desert were cast onto the stone. This initial experience guides the way that I paint this landscape. I always start by painting the black forms of the stone followed by the color and finally etching in the shadows. I think that the desert is the most basic and pure landscape on earth and because of this I try to convey each subject with as few details as possible. As I've progressed, I've tried to refine and simplify the way that I depict the desert in my paintings; believing that the most basic form is often the most cogent. My goal is to create art that expresses the solitude that one feels in the desert and the sense of time that one feels when viewing the result of millions of years of weathering and erosion.