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Introduction Huh.It seems that my old existing and previously faithful profile (with all the "views" to make it seem as if I'm popular,)has up and left me, probably to keep me humble. Until it decides I have been sufficiently humbled and it magically reappears, here we are starting over...*clears throat, taps mic* Hi!I'm Kirsty (as opposed to *Kristy*) mom of four, wife of one, LDS, doula, teacher,pre/postnatal fitness instructor,lover of chocolate, worshipper of sunlight. I hail from South Africa, live in Ohio, and bemoan this fact regularly in the Winter- (I appreciate your patience through this difficult time). I love blogging and love to "meet" my visitors, so please leave a comment, if you should feel so inclined. :) Other then that, should probably read the blog. It tells you everything you may want to know about me (and oh, so, so much more). I am not succinct, therefore I recommend that you do not settle in here with a full bladder or an empty stomach. Thank you, and on with the show!