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Introduction tall, crazy blonde new to this blogging thing and I really want to give this a shot. My friend told me that since I get anxious a lot, blogging can help blot out my feelings, the things which i want to express etc. I’m self employed. I've always wanted to say that. Well, it’s true. I’m self employed! It's nice to be boss free, I am too much of a free spirit to have a boss in my life I dream to be a very successful businesswoman someday and to have my little girl back in my life and to own my own Healthfood Store and to be an Instructor for Lindy Hop/Swing Dance! Being a Dance Instructor is something I really, really, really wish to happen. I have this BIG problem with procrastination however ( this is to remind me that there is stuff which needs to be done immediately whether I like it or not haha *See?? i’m reminding myself now:) i love Swing Dancing, I am a very physical person I really miss my Swing Dancing days "love comma" (just kidding) Dad :) Hove and Lugs, Jenny
Interests I love to dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance and hike:)
Favorite Movies I'm not sedentary but I like Thou Shalt Laugh Patricia Heaton, Taylor Mason
Favorite Music
Favorite Books Just Hand Over the Chocolate and No One Will Get Hurt By: Karen Scalf Laugh Yourself Healthy: Keep The Doctor Away- With A Giggle a Day! By: Charles Frances Hunter

What is Quantum Teleportation? What is the meaning of life?