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Location New York City, New York
Introduction I am a very loveable MINI REX bunny who means business! I love to give my Bunny Mommy & Daddy nose bumps, but don't get me wrong, I get my way around here! And thanks to Bunny Mommy for helping me spell all the big words correctly.
Interests Hopping, sniffing, running, binkies, fresh produce, licking, chewing, playing Dig Dug, proper grooming, napping, exploring, munching on cardboard (toilet paper brand not paper towel), trying to infultrate the bedroom and bathroom, expensive leather goods
Favorite Movies Any movie starring a bunny.
Favorite Music Despite the tastes of my Bunny Parents, I like Garth Brooks, and lots of other country music stars. They make me binky.
Favorite Books The Velveteen Rabbit, the Adventures of Peter Rabbit, Eloise, Rabbits for Dummies, to make Bunny Mommy and Daddy understand me

When you've got water stuck in your ear, how do you get it out?

I am very deft at using my ears. I would simply shimmy and shake and flick them around until it came out. Ugg, bunnies don't like water!