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Industry Internet
Occupation Closet Archeologist
Location South Bay/ San Jose, Ca, United States
Introduction I am a happy woman that loves the unique and unusual, art, creativity..thats my dads influence. I also love domestics and pretty things and compassion, and pink lavendar and joys of tears..that's my Moms influence. I wanted to be an archeologist when I was a little girl, but never got it together to get the now I call myself a closet archeologist...always looking for an opportunity to go through a closet. Mine, yours, estates, garage sales and thrift stores are my digging grounds! I like this so much that I even go with my guy to the auto junk yards! (I have found some fabulous old metal signs and antique license plates there!). If you tell me what you are interested in,in this regard, a keyword or 2 will stick in my attic of a brain and I will give you a jingle! This can be any genre, everything from childrens and sporting goods and my Nicole Miller theme neckties to vintage clothing, cool auto accessories to a fabuloous bejewelled Bob Mackie gown!(coming soon) By the way I adore animals, I am an armchair activist on their behalf. and I don't just mean cats and dogs. I am also a protector of all other animals cows pigs, elephants horses, fish...etc.
Interests Collectibles, Bargains, animals, vegan, gardening, TV, Music, Movies, Art
Favorite Movies Far and Away, Mad Max, About a Boy, Peaceable Kingdom and many many more.
Favorite Music I adore is the thread that is interwoven throughout all our the background, or blasting very loudly in the car. favorite? can one have a favorite? it changes all the time... after it is overplayed on the redio... I am on to something else ...All genres! well except heavy metal...I can't hear it..they need to scream more!
Favorite Books I read the Bible but it is not my favorite..that is my life manual. But I don't read much anymore...I don't have time with all the movies and TV there is to watch nowadays! I know, I know...I'm missing out. I miss out of a lot of things...but I sure am enjoying what I am doing...carry on!

Why do we love animals called pets but still eat animals called dinner? Here's another one: Think you can be an environmentalist and still eat meat? Think again!