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Gender Male
Occupation Dicktater of Norf Korea
Location Central Valley, California, North Korea
Introduction I am da Mac-Daddy of da Orient! Me luv Elvis, The Tree Stooges, The Marxist Brothers, and Gomer's Pyle. I play golf moe betta than Tigers Woods! I'm good-rooking, yet fat and old, beslides who gives a (you knows) becruzz... I'M GOT WOCKETS! JihadGene often channels KIM JONG IL, the Great Reader of the D.P.R.K.(Norf Korea), with the help of "Thunderbird" wine and Prozac. He also channels others as needed/ warranted. The picture is of me on a sabbatical! Thanks you to ERICA'S BLOG for the pic! Peoples are asking about my undies! If you must know they are thongs that can be purchased in Pay-King China at the VICTORIOUS SECRETS STORE. It's rumored I'm hates Koreans so much, that I married one, over 30 years ago, just to torture her, the rest of my life! I got to go now before she sees me typing this crap! For the record, I love the South Korean People and kimchee. So don't freak if I brog (blog) with an accent. Spell Check is for Wussy's...or is it Wussie's? JihadGene is a US Army "Vietnam Era" (not Vietnam) Veteran and a proud member of Soldier's Angels and the Patriot Guard Riders.
Interests Elvis. Making fun of United Nations. Woking dogs and eating dogs. Launching wockets at South Korea, Japland, and USA. Fresno and Hawaii too!
Favorite Movies Viva Las Vegas, The Blues Brothers, I Spit on Your Grave, and Mary Poppins!
Favorite Music Elvis, Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen, James Brown, AC/DC, Sam Cooke, Jimmy Rodgers, Alan Parsons Project, The Chambers Brothers Meatloaf, Johnny Cash, Vanilla Fudge, The Fuggs, Frank Sinatra, Frank Zappa, Andre Bocelli, Charlie Daniels, and Slim Whitman!
Favorite Books Of Mice & Men, Red Storm Rising, A Perfect Day for Banana Fish, Catch 22, Chickenhawk, We Were Soldiers Once and Young, and ELVIS!