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Gender Male
Industry Education
Occupation Elementary Administrator
Location Green River, Utah, United States
Introduction I am the father of 7 crazy and wonderful children. I love teaching, I love to listen to and write music, and I love to blog!
Interests I used to collect stamps (back in the days when you could actually afford to do that), I compose music (check my podcasts for samples), enjoy gardening and yard work (didn't until I had my own house), and computer use (POGO, Blogging, Wiki-ing, emailing, surfing, and lots of other "-ings"
Favorite Movies I don't really have any. I guess I enjoy the humor of My Big Fat Greek Wedding and appreciate the underlying meaning of Ever After. (These are my wife's fault). As far as MAN MOVIES, I think the Spider man movies are good. If you asked my oldest son this question, it would be Star Wars followed by Indiana Jones.
Favorite Music I love the more mellow rock. I can do country, and like instrumental. In fact, when I compose it is usually religious or instrumental. The only type I can't really stand is RAP, and I don't really consider that music (I concede that it takes talent, but I just don't care for it)
Favorite Books I love books. In my classroom I personally own over 5000 titles for the students to choose from. I read when ever possible and love to recommend books to friends and family. Need a good read? Just ask!

If you were a pirate, how would you avoid laughing when saying 'poop deck'?

(This is fantastic! I do International Speak Like A Pirate Day in September with my class)- Although a little on the bizarre side this question be- ARGH! I be the captain, and I be laughin' if me wants too- ARGH!