still being [molly]

About me

Gender Female
Industry Marketing
Location Hillsborough, North Carolina, United States
Introduction She’s a Jesus lover, wife, friend, aspiring writer, and a figure-it-out-as-you-go-use-your-wits-dad-gummit kind of woman. She’s also writing in the third person right now and doesn’t think it’s weird at all. Molly writes about what she wants to write about. She’s a real person. Like, she’s not a professional at anything she writes about. Except maybe a professional at being awesome. But she can promise you that it’s mostly going to be about food, attempting to make food, crafts, attempting to make crafts, her husband, being married, Jesus, her attempts at fashion, her wedding, pretty things, laughing, attempting to make other people laugh, worship, Diet Coke, Chipotle Burritos, and life adventures. She guesses you could say that that’s a wide variety of things. And you would be right. So, either you can read and deal or, well, not. The ultimate goal? Write in a way that people can relate to. She’s a regular girl / woman / lady trying to figure it all out and she hopes that you’ll figure it out along with her. Originally from Herndon, VA, Molly lives in Hillsborough, NC with her husband and their two dogs Audrey Hepburn and Tater.
Favorite Movies Breakfast at Tiffany's.
Favorite Music Dave Matthews Band and Eric Church.