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Location Hemingbrough, near Selby, Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Introduction I am retired, not a member of, nor associated with any political organisation, (UPDATE: I joined UKIP in 2014) business or pressure group. When I visited my Parish Council in February 2008 and suggested they were complacent, I received such a torrent of abuse from some councilors that I thought they must have something to hide and wanted to discourage me from attending future meetings. What a disturbing eye-opener that was. The more I listened, made notes and offered an occasional comment, the more abusive some of them became. What was particularly unpleasant was how they abused each other instead of getting on with the business of representing residents. Even the police became involved! Nothing of importance was straight forward. The council was constipated and paralysed by internal strife. From that disgraceful and unacceptable spectacle came my intentions to encourage local government organisations to act and communicate lawfully, openly and transparently, highlight those instances when they do not and inform a growing number of supporters and correspondents.