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Introduction I live in India. It is difficult to tell you who I am. Multiple roles, multiple tasks and multiple projections-all inextricably intertwined. Therefore, I prefer to gain my identity through you. Through each one of you who interact with me online or offline, directly or indirectly, consciously or otherwise. It is natural for an ordinary human to depend on the people around him to understand and redesign his identity. Freedom is Bliss. But it is very difficult to freely express what you want to. We all live in cages, that cannot be broken easily. By fate or through choice. We are bound by relationships. We are bound by certain norms and institutions. We are also bound by establishments we work for. It is not desirable always to express our ideas and suggestions to particular individuals, collectivities or establishments. But birds do sing beautiful songs, even when they are cornered inside the cage, and even when they are silent (or silenced..). But that silence means a lot to the world. So…… sibi5555(gmail) Read my full profile in the blog home page (Header Tab 'About me') or visit Website:
Interests Selective social net working, Good friends, Creative Writing, Research, Reading, Travel