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Introduction I am an Instructor at Harvard, a consultant in risk perception and risk communication. I taught risk communication at the Harvard School of Public School, and I have spoken or advised on risk communication to businesses, governments, academic institutions and consumer groups around the world. I am the author of "How Risky Is it, Really? why Our Fears Don't Always Match the Facts", and co-authored "RISK!!! A Practical Guide for Deciding What's Really Safe and What's Really Dangerous in the World Around You". In my first career I was a TV journalist in Boston, and twice won the DuPont Columbia Award, sometimes referred to as the Pulitzer Prize of broadcast journalism. I was also a freelance writer for the Boston Globe and MSNBC.com. Some risks I worry about; the unsustainable way humans are devouring the physical environment we depend on, heart disease, drug-resistant bacteria, endocrine disruptors, skin cancer from the sun. Some risks I don't worry about too much; nuclear power, terrorism, pesticides, flying, driving (except when I'm using my cell phone)