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Gender MALE
Location Behind Enemy Lines, The nation formerly known as "The land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.
Introduction Child of G*d. Father. Patriot. Man. Those who understand will also note the order in which I listed my main Responsibilities. Without due deference to the first 3, the 4th would not be possible. I am entitled to call myself "A Man" because I devote myself to my G*d, my Family, and my Republic above all else. Beyond these, I am also an Oath-keeper and a 111-per. Liberalism/progressivism/socialism/obama-mania is (not "are", IS) a mental disorder.
Interests Restoring our Founders' Republic
Favorite Music Depends on my mood., Could be almost anything except (hack-spit) (C)"Rap."
Favorite Books The Declaration of Independence., The Articles of Confederation., The Federalist papers., The Constitution., Other articles of Holy Writ., 'Most anything else I feel like reading at the time - I inhale 5+ books in an average week.

You've successfully slain the dragon! How will you toast your marshmallows?

If by "dragon" you mean The Enemy, I will toast my marshmallows over a Triox bar by the light of the pile of burning Enemy corpses.