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Occupation Create Jewelry
Location Helorn's Cave, Helorn's Kingdom
Introduction A Dragyn's Tale ... Long ago in a land far away, I was hatched deep in Helorn's Cave within the black crags of Helorn's Kingdom. My courageous Father, Emerald the Dark, died whilst protecting my Mother, Amethyst the Mystic, during a fierce battle with the evil Norman Knight, Sir Duldrid. Flying on great diamond studded wings to the frigid cold of Helorn's Cave, Mother kept still and quiet thru long Winter's sleep. A year after my Father's death, I came into Being. Heart broken and Spirit weak, my Mother passed into the Other World. Before she left me, Mother told me of the evil Sir Duldrid and the misery he cast upon Helorn's Kingdom, plundering the riches off the land. She told me how he killed my Father upon his great sword and it was then I vowed to grow strong and quick to steal back that which had been taken. Forging beauty with my fire breath, fanning to life with my great wings all I create, I now offer my riches to the Humans to wear as insult to the dreaded Knight. And I smile and clean my scales knowing that tonight, Sir Duldrid goes without plunder yet again. ~ Mystic Dragyn ~
Interests Using my imagination for fun; believeing Life is meant to be lived fully and with as much Humor as possible. When that fails, I just blow fire out my mouth and that solves everything.
Favorite Movies far far too many to list
Favorite Music Meditative, Native American, Asian, and good old rock n roll!
Favorite Books my personal library is vast, full of history, philosophy and spirituality

Ask me any thing, you will receive the Truth.