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Introduction "Unmaking the Grade" is one independent high school English teacher's blog about the experience of attempting to radically restructure the way in which he assesses students, and in which they assess themselves. It is open to anyone who cares to read it -- colleagues, students, or simply interested third parties. The "Unmake the Grade" experiment is just that: an experiment. While I won't lie and claim that I have no specific hopes or aims, I am not confident about outcomes, and will do my solemn best to report what happens over the course of the fall 2012 semester with thoroughness and honesty. If this project tanks, it tanks. But if it succeeds.... I hope you'll join me in seeing exactly what happens. If nothing else, it should be an interesting couple of months. (The photo is metaphorical; how it applies to my grading experiment I will leave as an exercise for the reader.)