About me

Industry Publishing
Occupation [recovering] Editorial Ass[istant]
Location New York, New York, United States
Introduction I'm a recovering editorial assistant. I'm like most of my kind: impoverished coffee-and-gin survivalists, underpaid but ambitious, bitter but hopeful. Painfully self-conscious, woefully self-congratulatory, willfully self-indulgent. Yes, I'm white, but I'm trying to get over it. Accurate spelling (to the dismay of my boss) is not among my interests. So read forgivingly.
Interests Sushi, ice cream, hot chocolate, rice vermicelli, tamales, cupcakes, risotto of any kind, mozzarella panini, cucumbers, pickles, blueberries, philo dough (with or without goat cheese), red wine, clam chowder, enchiladas, vegetable tempura, martinis, tapioca pudding, marinated pork, bodega breakfast sandwiches, miso ramen, carrot cake, bread pudding, pecan pie, coconut custard pie, rhubarb pie, cherry pie, pumpkin pie (preferable to sweet potato, argue what you will), banana cream pie, chicken pot pie, shepard's pie, quiche

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