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Location Los Angeles, California, United States
Introduction I still use blogger. Instagram/Twitter: CandiceFace
Interests Tubetoppin' it, hair bigger-upper spray, having the biggest bottom lip on the block, tearin' up the dancefloor like a mad woman and little boobies.
Favorite Movies True Romance & Rocky Horror.
Favorite Music 80's cheese galore, Depeche Mode, Bowie, sappy love songs, 60's Bronx Stoop music and anything that'll make the boys cringe when you blast it in their car.
Favorite Books $3 trashy celebrity magazines.

If you were a wrestler, what would be your finishing move?

The Gold Panther Take Down: When my spandex onesie would eject itself like that of a snake's poisonous venom & wrap around my opponent's head rendering him powerless. This is when I climb the rafters of the rink to the utmost highest point & fall w/ my elbow perfectly aligned to his face as I commence my body slam. Then I take that belt & hang it on my wall & make love to 7 women at one time.