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Industry Education
Occupation Casual Childcare Worker (Group Leader)
Location Moreton Bay Region, QLD, Australia
Introduction I am a christian, I go to KBC (and have been nearly my whole life). At church I sing, lead at kids club, holiday club and GB. I attend the morning and the night service. I grew up in a christian family, my parents were missionaries and we lived in PNG from when I was 6 months old - 3 and a half years old. Although I grew up this way, It was my decision to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior(I did this on SMASH camp which I now lead at). I was baptized on the 19/11/2006. So apart from that I am in love with an wonderful guy called Rob. We have been together since the 11/8/08, and we plan to marry asap. I graduated high school in 09. In 2010 I completed my cert 3 in Children's Services, and the first half of the diploma. In 2011 I completed the second half of the diploma, and I am now working as a relief worker in various childcare centers :)
Interests (Not in order) Jesus, God, Stars, space, church, singing on stage at church, leading, Rob, family, friends, Obsessing over Cookie Monster, Jelly beans, cream cheese, V, Coke, Dr.Pepper, Ice cream, Norm the Great Dane, singing in general, playing my piano, kisses and cuddles, creation, creativity, music, emotions, psychology, personality tests, children, art, parties, organizing events, weddings, Christmas, Easter, Australia Day, Birthdays, girly things, pink, purple, rainbows, animals, F.R.I.E.N.D.S (tv show), Jonathan Creek (tv show), Home and away (tv show), Relient.K, cosy things, winter, taking photo's and photography, recording video's and music, web cam, facebook, msn, YouTube, karaoke, hotmail, Hillsong, Worship, internet, eating, hiking, keeping fit.
Favorite Movies The Lion King, Titanic (and most movies with Leo in them), Disney in general, Tangled, The Princess Bride, The Narnia movies, The Passion of the Christ, Hugo, ... and many more!
Favorite Music Relient.K (My favorite band), Hillsong, Musicals in general (especially Gilbert and Sullivan), male opera, classical, some country. I like a lot of different types. I mostly go for acoustic and sweet songs. The lyrics usually mean more to me than the music itself, but the music still counts!
Favorite Books Lori Wick novels, The Shack, Origin, Rise up and sing, I married you

The love potion you made tastes terrible. How will you drink it?

Well, I didn't make the love potion for me. I'm already in love. I made it for my brother, so I don't care if it tastes terrible :)