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Location Quezon City, NCR, Philippines
Introduction I made this blog as an outlet of my thoughts, beliefs and interest. A friend, a companion, a diary, a confidant and my peaceful sanctuary. Welcome to my sanctuary of comfort, peace, dreams and reality. This is me, everything that I write here comes from my heart, innermost thoughts and beliefs. I am happily married to a man who matters more than life to me. Everyday I fall in love with him a billion times over yesterday. Though we ardently pray to have a child we know that it will be granted at the right and best time. My pure addiction is my husband and the color blue. Funny it may seems but blue brings out the best of me even in my lowest time. Now, happily being pregnant knowing that the Lord never fails to hear our prayers.
Interests My niche of solace is one part reality and dreams. Here I can be who I am without anyone criticizing me nor I would be pleasing them. It is my own place of sanctuary in this ever changing world. This is me.
Favorite Movies 50 Fist Date, Dying Young, Sweet November, A Walk to Remember, Harry Potter Series, Twilight Saga, Lord of the Rings, X-men
Favorite Books Angels and Demons, Da Vinci Code, The Notebook, Veronica Dies, A walk to remember, The Witch of Portabello, The Witching HOur.