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Occupation Mom, Owner of The Belle Boutique & Educational Consultant Usborne Books, Cake Maker - as my kids call me!
Location Salt Lake
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Introduction Wife, Mother of 3 and Creative Genius! Ha! Attempting to raise beautiful, respectful & smart children while cultivating my talents... not my housekeeping skills! I have over 6 yrs Experience in Cake Decorating and love making new creations!
Interests My Kids and Husband! I love being with my family and seeing my kids learning and growing! Love to plan and organize events, and love "boutique-ing" There's just something about a really good boutique! I also get to promote Literacy and earn money at the same time. Usborne has the greatest books around! Check them out! Cake Decorating I love to decorate anything sweet & try out new decorating Techniques - Don't LOVE the Baking part so much - someday I'll have a Baker to do that part! :) Cooking- I love Cooking Trying out / coming up with new recipes also! I'd love to create a cook book some day! Just love crafting, painting, creating & decorating in general!
Favorite Movies Julie & Julia - Love it!, Enchanted, Princess Bride, Ever After, The Phantom of the Opera, Pirates Trilogy, Transformers, Tommy Boy, The Work and the Glory, Bourne Trilogy, Phantom of the Opera, Wedding Singer, A Knights Tale, Fav. TV Shows-, The Office, LOST, Am. Idol, The Biggest Loser Challenge Ace of Cakes MacGyver (RYAN'S Fav)
Favorite Music Sarah Mclachlan, Dido, Jack Johnson, U2, Jewel, Abba, Queen, BNL, Colbie Callet, Sara Bareilles
Favorite Books My Scriptures, Les Miserables, Twilight, New Moon The Secret, "It's All too much" - Peter Walsh... this book was written about ME! LOL, Lemon Tart - A culinary Mystery

You forgot your mom's birthday! What can you make out of super glue and olive pits?

What I look forward to Most: Vacations! I can't wait until we get to take our kids to Disney Land!