Shauna (Fido and Wino)

About me

Location Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Introduction I was a single dancer/backpacker/student living in Toronto, Melbourne, Tokyo and Amsterdam… and then I met my husband, moved to an island off the westcoast of Canada, got married, got a mortgage, added two dogs to the mix, and after 2 years of “trying” our lives completely changed when we had our little girl in April 2012. I started this blog in June 2009. I decided on the name “Fido & Wino” because every time I sat down to write I wanted to be reminded of things that made me feel calm and happy. A dear friend of mine had passed away and quite often I found myself feeling lost, angry and empty. My dogs always made me smile and a glass of wine certainly didn’t hurt (am I right?), and so Fido & Wino was born.