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Gender MALE
Industry Education
Location NE
Introduction I'm a 36 year old educator. I have taught Latin and Greek and the Classics in general. I believe that these subjects are fundamental to the understanding of ourselves as a culture and as a nation. I'm an Eastern Orthodox Christian and so many of the topics on religion will reflect that particular belief and faith and practice. I am also an ordained reader and chanter in the Antiochian Diocese of Wichita and Mid-America under the omophorion of His Grace, Bishop BASIL. I'm a proud husband and father. Those two people now occupy the lion's share of my time which is why I am not posting as much as I would like. I very much try to promote civility, responsibility and education. Too much of America lacks one or all of those three traits and I know that I am probably waging an uphill and ultimately futile war, but I will continue to do so. Music is also of great importance to me. I'm into so many different styles and genres. I also compose. I try to take care of myself not only in mind but also in body.
Interests Music, philosophy, religion (Eastern Orthodoxy in particular), art, literature, words in general, some sports, particular movies, particular TV shows, my job.
Favorite Movies Too many to choose from. In no particular order: 1) Gladiator 2) Amadeus 3) L.A. Confidential 4) Spartacus 5) Shawshank Redemption 6) Lord of the Rings Trilogy 7) Star Wars Trilogy 8) Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan 9) Mystery, Alaska 10) This is Spinal Tap 11) Best in Show 12) The Name of the Rose 13) Lock, Stock and two smoking barrels 14) Fight Club 15) Identity 16) Batman Begins 17) The Machinist 18) True Romance 19) Pulp Fiction 20) Pan's Labyrinth 21) Airplane 22) Top Gun 23) The Matrix 24) Lawrence of Arabia 25) Ben-Hur 26) El-Cid 27) The Fall of the Roman Empire 28) Apocalypse Now 29) The Exorcist 30) Children of Men 31) 300 32) Flash Gordon 33) The Last Starfighter 34) Star Trek: First Contact 35) The Sandlot 36) Fantasia 37) Wayne's World 38) The Abyss 39) Death and the Maiden 40) The Ice Storm 41) A Fish Called Wanda 42) Monty Python's Life of Brian 43) Monty Python and the Holy Grail 44) Various James Bond films 45) Full Metal Jacket 46) 2001: A Space Odyssey 47) Unbreakable 48) Dances with Wolves 49) Field of Dreams 50) Spaceballs 51) The Dark Knight 52) The Big Kahuna 53) History of the World, Part 1
Favorite Music Beethoven, Mozart, J.S. Bach, Heinrich Schutz, Giovanni Gabrieli, Claudio Monteverdi, Antonin Dvorak, Johannes Brahms, Josef Haydn, Anton Bruckner, Camille Saint-Saens, Hector Berlioz, Josquin Desprez, Thomas Luis De Victoria, Cristobal de Morales, Franz Schubert, Richard Wagner, Dmitri Bortniansky, Alexander Archangelsky, Peter Tchaikovsky, Nicholas Rimsky-Korsakov, Alexander Gretchaninoff, Sergei Rachmaninov, various Eastern Orthodox Byzantine chants. Iron Maiden, Rush, Dream Theater, Genesis, Queen, Queensryche, Kalmah, Metallica (early), Megadeth, Motorhead, Saxon, Savatage, Children of Bodom, Shadows Fall, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Stone Temple Pilots, Guns n' Roses, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Audio Slave, Chris Cornell, Rage against the Machine, U2, REM, UFO, Johnny Cash, Onward, Rainbow, Dio, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, The Doors, Cream, The Yardbirds, the Animals, Jeff Beck, the Planet P Project, Pink Floyd.
Favorite Books I Claudius, Claudius the God, Julian, Confessions, Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church, The Way of the Pilgrim, The Pilgrim Continues His Way, Metamorphoses, Creation, Cat's Cradle, Iliad, Odyssey, Oedipus Rex, Herodotus' History, Aeneid, Amores, Ars Amatoria.

Which do you prefer and why: whittling with soap or whistling with wood?

whittling with wood