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Location SC, United States
Introduction To know me is to love me and to all other, well you must not know me. I am a single mother of 2 teenage daughters, dogs, and well if we all aren't a little crazy at some point in life, something is wrong. I'm not talking crazy-nuts, I'm talking crazy fun, as well as being a single mom with 2 college-aged daughters living at home,oh and both going to school of course :)
Interests What can I say, I have a love for so many things. From my family to computers to gardening as well as cars and of course my pets! I love to volunteer to help people. I enjoy my family and spend a much time with my girls as I can, which is everyday I have to say. I try to write as much as I can (like I said try); not that I publish everything I write, but I do write quite a bit. I love talking with others and learning new things as well as crafts of any sorts.
Favorite Movies One of my very favorites is Bicentennial Man. I blubbered like I just lost my dog every time. A Beautiful Mind, I Robot, (just to name a few) any Disney and Pixar. Just about any comedy and any movie with a great catch. To means to me something to make me sit and watch it and stay there. Not to sit, get up do something else and not really pay attention to other things. There have been many of those (no names given). Movies are there to make us forget, make us remember or to make us want to be something we aren't.
Favorite Music I listen to just about any genre of music. this to me keeps your mind open to new things. It makes you a much broader person and much happier if you listen to all genres of music. And if you don't believe me, you should see my iTunes, lol! It goes from Ozzy to Eminem to ABBA to George Strait and more.
Favorite Books Dean Koontz is my all time favorite. I will read everything from the encyclopedia to surfing the web on Web MD just to learn to Steven King to A++ Guide for Idiots just because of the mood in I'm that day or possibly because I need to know something. I really do love a great book as long as it keeps my interest.