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Industry Arts
Occupation Art/Design translator
Location Seattle, wa, United States
Introduction Mostly harmless. You'd think, considering my Picasa gallery that I would be an artist. After 13 years of art directing computer games, 6+ years ago I took a job at the best game company ever, ArenaNet (shameless suck up). This position evolved into the role of directing the art development and now I spend most of my time jumping back and forth between macro and micro levels of art development, liaising between departments, mediating and translating needs and priorities between the design and art departments, managing work flow as well as working with our out of house contract studios. Wanna get in touch: Shawn(at)Arena.Net, Ssharp5 (at)Comcast(dot)Net or Shawn(at)
Interests Art, RPG, board and computer games, hiking, biking, martial arts, rock climbing, science, history, ruling the world
Favorite Movies Um, let's see: The Lion in Winter, The Man Who Would Be King, LOTR, anything by Miyazaki, Princess Bride, um, I'll come back to this
Favorite Music Bowie, Dylan, Ministry, Ambient space music, Dead Can Dance, KD Lang, some British invasion, Steven Roach, Surf Guitar, etc.
Favorite Books Coloring. No wait, whatever I'm reading at any given time. Robert Howard, James Burke, Steven Hawking, Jules Verne, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Jasper Fforde etc.