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Gender MALE
Location London, United Kingdom
Introduction well...i don't go out much. my life revolves around music, movies, television shows, working out/healthy living, food, learning about the body, investment - property, progression in life, investment in everything i like really.
Interests Movies, music, tv shows, working out, learning about myself, afrikan holistic health, kemet, property investment, girls girls and more girls
Favorite Movies like i said i don't go out much, and i never really did when i was younger. instead i watched tons of movies. the first movies i remember loving were the indiana jones trilogy, james bond movies, african movies - which to this day scares me. there's a different between scary and horror. hollywood tends to go for scary by grusomeness (if that's a word), but african horror movies will make you sleep with the lights on. trust! anyway, here's a spectrum of the movies i like: the godfather (all three), star wars (all six), once upon a time in the west, once upon a time in america (the only gangster film i'd put side by side with the godfather), the good, the bad, the ugly (childhood favourite - looooove the music), hero, house of flying daggers, scarface, goodfellas, forest gump, monster's ball, training day, above the rim, boyz in the hood, soul food, baby boy, etc etc.
Favorite Music well, before the title of a genre, i like music period. however, to be more specific, i love hip hop - dre, snoop, jay-z, nas, biggie, tupac, rakim, eminem, many many more. the first hip hop album i bought (in tape format) was snoop's tha dogfather. that was the only album i had on my walkman for a year straight - and i never got bored of it. every listen was like a new experience. although his first album is known as the classic snoop joint (which i agree with), i fell in love with tha dogfather first. besides hip hop, i like rnb (but you would have guess that right? lol), funk, soul, afro-latin, as long as it's good i'll connect to it. i love stories and music (of all kind) is like an audio story to be. i even love classical! that's right, i said it. Classical!
Favorite Books ok here's my thing about books. i do not believe that reading makes you intelligent. a person is intelligent. when i read it's really to acquire information. it's as a means to realise something if you like. but i do not believe that it is the only way to realise something. okay, now that i got that off my chest, i read books on nutrition, self awareness, spirituality, music, movies. books suck as road less travelled, be your own guru, awaken the giant within, african holistic health, story sense, eqypt on the potomac, conversations with god, rich dad poor dad - read about 3 or 4 of them, quincy jones bio - love him.