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Gender Male
Industry Student
Location Los Angeles, United States
Introduction Second year UCLA comparative literature graduate student.
Interests Philosophy, experimental music, food, ¬democracy, ¬new age, beer.
Favorite Movies Space Odyssey 2001, Sideways STALKER, Solaris, The Sacrifice, Nostalgia, Mullholland Drive, Lost Highway, The Elephant Man, The Straight Story, Alien, Bambi, Pinnochio, Fear and Loathing in las Vegas, A Tokyo Story, A Man Escaped, The Truman Show, Jaws, Throne of Blood, Kill Bill, Henry Fool, Lost in Translation
Favorite Music Keith Jarrett, Jens Lekman, Brad Mehldau, Merzbow, The National, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Magnetic Fields John Scofield, Ben Monder, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Bjork, Merzbow, The Smiths, Animal Collective, Miles Davis, Coltrane, Antony and the Johnsons, Wayne Krantz, Bon Iver... and many more.
Favorite Books Brassier - Nihil Unbound Badiou - Being and Event / Logics of Worlds / Theory of the Subject Proust - In Search of Lost Time. Quentin Meillassoux - After Finitude Heidegger - Being and Time, The Basic Problems of Phenomenology, The Basic Questions of Philosophy, What is Called Thinking?, The Question Concerning Technology, Vom Ereignis. Dostoyevsky - Notes from the Underground, Brothers Karamazov. Derrida - Dissemination, Margins of Philosophy. Hegel - Phenomenology of Spirit / Science of Logic. Gilles Deleuze - Difference and Repetition And many more...