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Introduction A rule-following free-spirit, sassin’ up the joint since 1979. I have a degree in “Recreation”. That’s a real thing. My other job is ‘wife and mom extraordinaire’. I’ve never been formally evaluated though, so the extraordinaire part might be a slight embellishment. I’m honest to a fault and can find the funny in almost any situation. I’m an infertility survivor, so I’ve been known to wax poetic on the subject a time or ten before. I think that writing on the internet is like whispering on a crowded playground. But, I do it anyway because I love it. I’m an overachiever, an adjective-abuser, and have a penchant for curse words and hyperbole. My talented and nerdy, (in a good way,) husband still has like 19,000 more followers than me on Twitter…but who’s counting? My peanut is the light of my life and the reason for the bags under my eyes. My mom is our live-in nanny. Coffee and wine are my sister-wives. I’ve got a lot to say about life, love, motherhood, daughterhood, The Bachelor, John Mayer, what I ate for lunch yesterday, and millions of other mildly interesting things. BIG NEWS: Now also blogging at: