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Gender MALE
Location Frisco, Texas, United States
Introduction The name says it all. I’m an autograph hound. Maybe not an elite bloodhound like the guys that spend 10 hours a night outside of restaurants and night clubs getting A-listers but a hound none the less.

Think of me like the old overweight bulldog that drools and slobbers but still can get into the hunt now and then; who pulls down less notorious signatures.

I have gotten signatures of some very neat people.

Sometimes the process is as simple as a smile and signature.

Sometimes a few words are exchanged. And sometimes you get a few sentences or a real conversation.

Now and then the experience is quick but very meaningful and telling. Other times it’s expanded and a whirlwind and it takes a few minutes to realize what happened.

Interests Sci Fi, Baseball, Autographs, Astronomy, basically an all around geek
Favorite Movies Aliens, Terminator 2, Buckeroo Banzi, Big Trouble in Little China, Serenity
Favorite Music Beatles, Billy Joel, Counting Crows, Nickelback, Monkees
Favorite Books Dune, Stranger in a Strange Land, Ender's Game, Old Man's War, Hammer's Slammers, Gateway, Ringworld