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Gender MALE
Location The Lone Star State
Introduction Born in 1971 and raised in Texas…saw 1st hockey game 2/22/80 (USA 4,USSR 3)…played road hockey as a child, laced up the skates after college…still playing today…shoots left…will never be mistaken for a pro…favorite teams: Rangers (since ’80) and Stars (since ’93)…worst nightmare is a Rangers-Stars Stanley Cup Final… Simply put, I LOVE The Great Game of Hockey. I love the combination of speed, skill, grace and violence. I love the constant flow, the non-stop action. I love the history of the game, and the respect that today’s NHL has for its past. I love the fact that I took my then-three-year-old son to his first hockey game, and he sat on my lap – unmoving, transfixed – for the entire game (try taking a three-year-old to a football or baseball game, and see how long they last). Last, but not least, I love the fact that it is no longer a stretch to use “Texas” and “hockey” in the same sentence.