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Occupation Speech Therapy
Location Southern California
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Introduction Part speech language pathology clinician, part mama. I have two fantastically fun kiddos and a wonderful husband. I practice speech therapy in a small district with kids with a wide range of disorders and delays. My heart is particularly with the non-verbal and low-verbal population. I pray often, but forget to read my Bible. I crave order, but am working on finding the motivation and energy to establish it. I drink a lot of coke, and eat more ice cream than I should. Welcome to my crazy, fun-filled life.
Interests parenting, home, cleaning, organizing, speech language pathology, Autism, reading, gardening, home decorating
Favorite Movies The Great Race, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Shirley Valentine, Pirate's of the Caribbean, Grease, Dream for an Insomniac, Pulp Fiction
Favorite Music The Cure, 80s alternative, almost any blues, Tori Amos, anything played on a mighty wurlitzer(?) organ, swing, Bad Religion
Favorite Books Alice in Wonderland, Ben Franklin's autobiography, Anne of Green Gables, any of the Julie Smith New Orleans murder mysteries, the Ladies Auxiliary, The Imprtance of Being Earnest, A Fine and Private Place, The Kitchen God's Wife, The Yadda Yadda Prayer Group, Harry Potter, Sartre's No Exit