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Introduction I grew up in OWCG. My Mom found Ronald Weinland, shortly after, I began listening & attended FOT '05 with her, where he stated Jesus was created! Back home, I continued listening & investigated statements, that contradicted the Bible; easily disproved. I prayed, "God, I don't care what the truth is! I've no preference! I only want to please YOU! Show me your truth." For 10 months, I studied. When it was over, I was NC. There were things I'd read in the past, & I remember thinking I had an idea what it meant. But reading those verses, I had a veil over my eyes! Like as a teen, you think you know everything & your parents are dumb, & as an adult, you look back & see how clueless YOU were. I decided RW's lies had to exposed. That was the birth of ABD! I've met some great people. Some have joined me, making ABD their home. What a blessing it's been for ABD. We long to share God's truth & help those leaving Armstrongism & OC churches. We are SO encouraged when our readers let us know that we have been useful in doing so! Thank you for that. God bless you in your quest for His truth!
Favorite Music Very eclectic.
Favorite Books I like fiction. However I have so much non-fiction reading that there's no time for it. I've read two works of fiction in the last 10 years (excluding Ron's works).